Colonnade Club

colonnade-club_logoThe Colonnade Club consists of young Freemasons who have links to the Province of South Wales. It organises an otherwise dispersed group of individual lodge members into a coherent body that is active across the Province and beyond. The Colonnade Club provides young Freemasons with the opportunity to meet and socialise with their peers and develop their Masonic proficiency, knowledge and experience. There will be a rich and ongoing calendar of social events, charitable activities and Masonic visitation.

This is an exciting time to be a young Freemason with ‘Light Blue Clubs’ operating and being established across the country. The Colonnade Club hopes to be a useful and vibrant part of this new Masonic community. Please check back here regularly for news and updates. You can also follow us on Twitter @ClwbColonnade

If you are curious and considering applying for membership please contact the Club Secretary for further information at